Kidderminster VideoMakers
Kidderminster VideoMakers




1) The Club shall be known as - Kidderminster VideoMakers


2) The object of the Club shall be to foster the practice and interest in Amateur Video Making. This will normally be in DVD format, any other format by prior arrangement with the Chairman or Programme Secretary.


3) Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons over 14 years of age, and shall consist of the following Membership classes:- a) Junior (under 18), b) Single, c) Joint (Husband and Wife), d) Honorary.

4) The Club may elect any Member to become an "Honorary" Member as the Club sees fit. Such Membership confers all the rights and privileges of Ordinary Membership.

5) New Members shall be required to complete an Application Form. Membership will be at the discretion of the Committee, and implies an adherence to the Club Rules.


6) The Annual Subscription shall be set by the Annual General Meeting of Members. This same meeting shall also set any levies or contributions that may be required.

7) The current subscription shall be published on the programme card.

8) Membership subscription falls due on the lst January each year and should be paid no later than the 31st January.

9) New Members joining during the year shall pay a pro-rata rate.

10) The Club Meeting Contribution shall be shown on the card. This may be varied for Special Events. The Committee to give at least a week's notice of such.


11) The Officers of the Club shall be:- The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Project Secretary/Archivist plus up to five Ordinary Committee Members.

12) The Management of the Club shall be in the hands of the elected Committee. The Committee may co-opt Members to serve.

13) At a Committee meeting the quorum shall consist of at least 60% of the Committee membership. Chairman has the casting vote. In the absence of the Chairman the Vice-Chairman shall act in his place. If both are absent, then the Committee shall elect one of their members to act as necessary. Members of the Committee hold office for one year at a time, but may seek re-election.

14) The Club's year will run from the lst January to the 3lst December, and auditedAccounts will be ready for the Annual General Meeting.

15) The Annual General Meeting will be held each year. Notice being given on the Programme Card. A quorum to be one third of the then Membership. The Chairman has the casting vote, except during his election when the Vice-Chairman has it.

16) Chairman and Secretary have authority to act independently in an emergency. Committee Members to be advised if possible.


17) In the event of more than one candidate being nominated for an office, a written

ballot shall be held. Notice to be given before the Annual General Meeting.

18) Nominations for office to be with the Secretary, in writing, at least fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Consent of the nominee to be obtained by the proposers.

19) The Audit may be carried out by outside personnel or a Club Member who is not a Committee Member.

20) PROXY VOTES - May be made by Members. To be in writing, to the Secretary, seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.


21) These are administered by the Committee. No expenditure to be undertaken on behalf of the Club without the consent of the Committee.

22) Members shall not be paid for their services, but legitimate expenses incurred in the Club's work will be allowed. Travelling expenses can be claimed when representing the Club officially elsewhere.


23) If the number of Members be reduced to Twelve there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting, for which the quorum is nine, called to discuss the future of the Club.

24) ln the event of the dissolution of the Club, the remaining funds and assets shall be devoted to some other body having objects similar to those for which the Club was founded.


25) Guests of Members are permitted on payment of the meeting charge.


26) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called for any purpose by the Committee, or upon a request, in writing, of at least TWELVE Members.

27) Notice of any Extraordinary General Meeting shall be with the Members fourteen days prior to the Event.

28) The business of the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be confined solely to the motion/s. Quorum - NINE Members.


29) A Banking Account shall be held at a recognised bank in the Club's name. Cheques signed by any TWO:- Chairman, Treasurer or nominated Committee Member.


30) Any Alteration to these Rules must be sanctioned by the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.


The Object of Competitions is to encourage better work. Certificates are awarded to the winners, but winning is not the main consideration for Members. The completion of a titled and properly edited video to a deadline increases the purpose and value of a Member's work.

1. Competitions, with various themes, will be held each year, as agreed by the Committee. Winning entries in any competition must not be altered in any way before showing at the Video of the Year Competition.

2. Winning videos from these will enter into additional competition for - a) Video of the Year, b) Best Use of Sound, c) Best Use of Camcorder.

3. The Committee may allow a Video to be entered for a further competition provided it did not win a prize the first time of showing.

4. Time limits are set for Competitions (titles included), and must not be exceeded.

5. All entries to be edited and titled.

6. No sponsored videos. (Means paid for wholly or in part by a third party).

7. All video recordings must be the work of the entrant, with the exception of any archive film, video, still images of photographs or maps which must be limited to 10% of the total running time, except for videos entered for the Documentary Competition, where the limit is to be 20% of the running time. The entrant MUST take responsibility for copyright clearance.

8. In the event of a single entry to a competition, the Video will be shown and judged by Members as achieving the necessary standard to be awarded the prize. The voting to be done by secret ballot.

9. All Competitions will be judged by secret ballot, except those judged by outside persons. Entrants must not vote for their own entry, but MUST vote in the competition.

10. Entry forms to be with all Videos in the Competition.

11. Members must vote to give their choice of first place.


The Natural World Ten minutes maximum

To Poetry or Song Four minutes maximum

Day Out from Home Ten minutes maximum (Must be taken in ONE DAY)

Holiday Ten minutes maximum

Documentary Twelve minutes maximum

Open Ten minutes maximum

To be awarded at the Video of the Year Competition.

Video of the Year Outside Judges

Best Use of Sound Outside Judges

Best Use of Camcorder Outside Judges


September 2011

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